With every grain of paella rice we represent each of our dreams and the ones of every person that fights every day pursuing their dreams

We aim to put a paella on every table of any gathering in all corners of our world, because what matter for us is to accompany and celebrate with you.


We are Spanish and what we do the best is…
Being Spaniards!

Enjoying those moments of happiness, relaxation and having fun which we love sharing with friends and family.


Our goal is popularize Spanish way of life

Our GOAL is to popularize Spanish way of life and all the values that define us as Spanish: our joy, our enthusiasm, the way we enjoy ourselves and our friendships, as well as our family spirit. We use gastronomy and tourist experiences as a way to get there.

And what is the most iconic of Spain to bring out the whole essence of our country? That’s right, our popular paella. Thus, for doing so nothing better than organizing THE PAELLA SHOW!