Tasting Paella

Attending The Paella Show of Spain’s FUN
June 17, 2019
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May 27, 2019

Paella is the most representative dish of the Spanish cuisine and the most famous worldwide. It originated from rural areas in the Mediterranean coast (Southeast Spain), and we can affirm that every true Spanish has eaten and even cooked paella at least once in their life.

We can find seafood, chicken or vegetable paella, even chorizo paella. As long as you use rice, oil, the paella spices, and as long as you call it paella, you can add anything you like.

Are you ready to cook your own paella?

Paella is traditionally prepared on Sundays, the moment when you meet with your friends and family to share around the table how the week was for you.

Proposed Experience

We propose you to visit a Spanish bar and order a paella, we let you choose the kind of paella you like the most and then share with us with whom you enjoy it.

If you feel brave and full of energy then bring out the Spanish in you and cook your own paella, add your favourite ingredients and share with us the experience. Oh, and remember to use the necessary ingredients as well: rice, oil and the paella spices! It will surely be a success!

Photo to upload

Pictures which show you enjoying your paella in a bar or a restaurant; sharing this most representative dish of the Spanish cuisine with whoever you like.

If you decide to prepare you own paella, send us pictures that show you in the process of cooking; the products you have used, and certainly the moment of sharing them with your beloved ones or just with yourself.

Post your images on Wechat Moments (or the social media you use) with @spainsfun and #spainsfun #西班牙 #海鲜饭 #美食 #tapas #活动 #梦想生活 or any other hashtags you may come up with.

Where to do the experience

Both in Spain and abroad.

Accumulated Points