Tasting iberian ham & cured products

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May 27, 2019

Cured ham and other cured pork products such as chorizo, pork loin and sausages, were originally elaborated at traditional celebrations called matanzas (slaughter) and this still happens in some villages.

Nowadays, cured ham is one of the most popular products of Spain, it can be found in every house and every time friends get together. You can eat it on a toast for lunch, in a sandwich, with bread and tomato, in an omelette, anywhere your imagination can take you.

There are different kinds of ham depending on the type of pig and Iberian cured ham is the one the Spanish appreciate more, it’s the jewel in the crown and it makes us feel at home if we eat it abroad.

Proposed Experience

We want you to surprise us with a tasty recipe using ham. We don't mind whether the ham is Iberian or Serrano but it needs to be Spanish ham. Here is a suggestion of the most popular dishes with ham: ham toast, ham croquette, fried egg and chips with ham...

Photo to Upload

A picture that shows you in the process of cooking or eating the tapa, as well as the type and brand of ham you have used. Post your images on Wechat Moments (or the social media you use) with @spainsfun and #spainsfun #西班牙#美食 #火腿 #活动 #梦想生活 or any other hashtags you may come up with.

Remember that the true Spanish always use Spanish ham and they can recognize it at a distance.

Where to do the experience

Both in Spain and abroad.

Acumulated Points