Combine your summer holidays with your Spain’s FUN paella and a fine wine

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June 17, 2019
Paella, family, sun & beach for a Summer Spanish day. Can it get any better?
August 27, 2019

Combine your summer holidays with your Spain’s FUN paella and a fine wine

Spain’s FUN + Yavino

In August we join Yavino to offer you a wine + paella deal.

A selection of 4 different wines, in a 375 ml. format, so you can combine them with your Spain’s FUN paella.

With the Spain’s FUN paella mixture you will get the “chef touch” in your own paella, in a fast and very easy way.

A lightning-like visit to the supermarket,then cut, cook, and add, and your paella will be ready in 30 minutes, so…

There is no excuse!! Don’t let the paella be what’s stopping you of relishing this summer with your friends!

And now you will ask yourself…

What is the Spain’s FUN paella mixture all about?

A 100% natural, dehydrated paella broth, for all of you who don’t want to renounce the flavour, nor the experience of sharing a paella, either alone or with your loved ones, in a fast and fun way.

What does the package include?

8 individual sachets of the paella mixture… so that your paella has the perfect balance of flavour, and also you would have enough time to receive your guests as they deserve.

What other ingredients do I need for preparing my paella?

For your Spain’s FUN seafood paella (per person): 40 gr. green pepper, 40 gr. red pepper, 20 gr. green peas, 50 gr. blue fish (e.g. sword fish), 50 gr. squids, 80 gr. rice, 30 ml. extra virgin olive oil, 400 ml. hot water, 1 sachet Spain’s FUN paella mixture.

And once I have the ingredients, how can I cook my Spain’s FUN paella?

  1. Cut the green peppers into cubes, and the red peppers into long strips.
  2. Cut the fish in square-shaped pieces.
  3. Start by softening the peppers.
  4. When the vegetables are half done, add the fish and squid.
  5. We stir a few times and add the rice, along with the prawns and clams.
  6. Next, we add the hot water.
  7. Finally, add the Spain’s FUN paella mixture, distributing all the ingredients well so that a homogeneous mixture remains.
  8. Let the paella cook for 15 minutes

Any other suggestions?

24 cm frying pan for 2 portions
Strong heat during the first 5 minutes (level 9 in glass-ceramic)
Medium heat during the first 10 minutes (level 6 in glass-ceramic)
Leave it to rest for 5 minutes before serving

And of course, don’t forget to put on a good spanish music playlist, and call your most special people.

And last but not least, we can only say … Enjoy your life with Spain’s FUN!!!