A family holiday

Paella, family, sun & beach for a Summer Spanish day. Can it get any better?
August 27, 2019

A family holiday

Today I am sharing with you something quite personal.

Some of you will ask yourself: What is it that Spain has that is so special… so ridiculously special…!?

For tourists Spain and summer are equal to sun, beach, beach hut bars, paella… and for others are also equal to monuments: Sagrada Familia, Cibeles, The Bernabeu or Now Camp, and a lot of shopping!

For some of us through and through Spaniards, summer practically is the same as saying family reunions. Spain, for many years, especially in the 50s and 60s, was a country with many emigrants. Many Spaniards went to France, Switzerland, Germany, and even to much farther countries like Argentina, which is what my mother’s family did.

That is why for me, summer holidays mean family reunions with my aunt, my uncle and my cousins ​​in France (also in some occasion with my family in Argentina).

I remember every summer when they arrived in Spain when we were children. The language wasn’t a problem between my French cousins ​​and us. One day playing on the beach, under the Mediterranean sun was enough to break down any distance barriers.

The rest of the days we spent playing non-stop. Children and adults shared (and still do) what Spain has best, our joyful personality, our way of enjoying the great weather, and the chilling’ feeling of the holidays.

Many years have passed and I still enjoy as much as the first time the summer holidays, either in the north or south of Spain (right now I’m spending a few days at the Costa Dorada). Now we toast with wine (not with must like we used to). We still enjoy gathering around the table sharing some life anecdotes, while having a snack, or of course, while having a paella. This year it was me who brought the paella to the table, to remind them that the Spain’s FUN paella is equal to friendship, family, sharing moments from the heart, and also for them to take back home as a souvenir, so they can look back to all those wonderful moments that we spent together in Spain. After all, Spain’s FUN is a lifestyle in Spain and anywhere in the world!!!